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Chamundi Agarbathi Works has gained immense expertise in manufacturing exporting & supplying of Incense sticks, Incense Cones , Flora Bathies, dhoops in bulk quantity with high quality premium products .We are located in the garden city of India Bangalore, Karnataka . We are top reckoned company that came into existence in the year 2009 by Mr. Kantilal Parmar who is having more than 25 years of vast & rich experience in incense & Agarbathi domain .The whole gamut is precisely manufactured by our experts in our own factory by keeping the demand of the customers in mind , mood & happiness. These products are also tested on different quality parameters as per the international standard.& market . All our Balaji Darshan Brands are export standard which is already popular & made a self recognition in domestic as well as export markets. we are manufacturer & exporter of top quality incense sticks (scented agarbatti), branded agarbatti - incense sticks, raw agarbatti, color agarbatti, multi color agarbatti, shape agarabatti, multi colored shape agarbatti, multi fragrances agarbatti, multi metallic agarbatti, fashionable agarbatti, decorative agarbatti, herbal agarbatti, panchgavya herbal dhoop, jain dhoop, dhoop stick, raw material of agarbatti. Currently we are actively supplying & selling our incense sticks , agarbatti , dhoops , cones , sambrani cup dhoops , incense cones products all over india like Bangalore , Hyderabad , Kerala , Chennai , Kolkotta ,Mumbai , Odisha , Patna , Delhi , Uttar Pradesh , Pune , nagpur , Madhya Pradesh , Uttaranchal , Himachal Pradessh , kashmir , jammu , Aasam , Manipur , sikkim , Arunanchal Pradesh, punjab , patna , jaipur ,rajastan , jodhpur , gujrat , uttar pradesh etc & export to several countries across the world


9844012872 Incense Manufacturer & Exporter from India

joss sticks manufacturer in india , Bangalore , karnataka. We at Chamundi Agarbathi Works (Balaji Darhan Incense) is the best perfumed , scented , hand rolled , masala , colored natural joss sticks , incense sticks , agarbatti ,manufacturer & exporter from India . We can supply any part of the world as per requirement with OEM label also. Our products includes joss sticks , incense , incense cone , Dhoop Cone , Dhoop Sticks , Sambrani Cup Dhoop etc. Chamundi Agarbathi from India is the world's main joss sticks , incense manufacturing & is a healthy exporter to other countries Incense burning has taken place in India for thousands of years, and India exported the idea to China and Japan, and other Asian countries. The main method of burning incense in India is the incense stick or agarbathi. The basic ingredients of an incense stick are bamboo sticks, paste (generally made of charcoal dust or sawdust and joss/jiggit/gum/tabu powder an adhesive made from the bark of litsea glutinosa and other trees), and the perfume ingredients which traditionally would be a masala (powder of ground ingredients),though more commonly is a solvent of perfumes and/or essential oils.After the base paste has been applied to the bamboo stick, it is either, in the traditional method, while still moist, immediately rolled into the masala, or, more commonly, left for several days to dry, and then dipped into the scented solvent. Various resins, such as amber, myrrh, frankincense, and halmaddi are used in traditional masala incense, usually as a fragrant binding ingredient,and these will add their distinctive fragrance to the finished incense.

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